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Evidence Solutions

Conveniently on the Cloud

CDSNet - a powerful tool
to improve case outcomes, increase efficiency and grow your business.


  •  Increased Staff Efficiency
  •  Proven Effective Reports
  •  Reduced Cost/Increased Revenue

"Because of CDSNet's capability to manage data so efficiently, I am able to cost effectively handle a much greater case load than would otherwise be possible."

- Lawyer/CDSNet User


  •  Simplified Photo Collection
  •  Powerful Data Management
  •  Improved Analysis & Reporting

"Amazing product for data collection and storage needs! CDSNet with PhotoInspect is our solution to evidence collection, data storage, categorization & presentation."

- Expert/Project Manager

Photos, Data & Reports on the Cloud!
Success Stories
Clients benefit from our solutions

CDSNet Gets You Organized.

"CDSNet is a fantastic asset for my work! It does not only give me the ability to instantly access vast amounts of collected data, but more importantly the ability to effortlessly and efficiently assemble, organize and present it in every way imaginable at the touch of a mouse."

- Expert/CDSNet User

CDSNet Protects Your Data.

"I am highly confident with CDSNet's infrastructure and database security features. It fully compliments our firm's vision of having a secure, modern and technologically-advanced work environment."

- IT Manager

CDSNet Reports Deliver

"CDSNet makes it convenient and easy to store photographs with meta data that we may search, obtain statistical analysis on, and download ready-to-present photo books of the case."

- Expert

CDSNet is Powerful.

"CDSNet had increased the efficiency of our firm with instantaneous data acquisition, data availability and data delivery resulting in case volume increase and staff resource decrease. A true necessity in today's technology leading business world."

- Project Manager

CDSNet is Simple.

"The system's intuitive, uniform user-interface allows me to sort and view data as needed, and generate reports quickly."

- Legal Assistant

CDSNet is Effective.

"I am convinced that the reports generated by CDSNet has helped me argue my cases with confidence and achieve highly successful outcomes."

- Partner, Law Firm

CDSNet is Affordable.

"The time and cost savings brought by these solutions have provided our company with a 30% increase in revenue. We are now expanding our operations to cover work in other states."

- Chief Financial Officer

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